Travel to the Galapaogs Islands for less this Spring

March 10, 2010 § Leave a comment

Spring is a great time in the Galapagos, warm days and calm seas. May is my favorite month, the Albatross return to Espanola and there seems to be mating and nesting activities going on everywhere.

The Galapagos Islands is not a budget travel destination, just paying the internal airfare and the taxes has you spending over $500 each and you haven’t even seen anything or have somewhere to stay – so saving money on your trip is always a good thing.

For those of you thinking of traveling to the Galapagos in the near future we have a number of special promotions just for this spring.


Alta - 7 night cruises over $1500 off per person this spring

Alta is a luxury motor sailor, a past winner of the yacht of the month by Yachting Magazine it’s the prettiest boat in the islands.  The Alta has just special discounts for April and May including $1000 off the cruise price, plus free airfare and free taxes.   Added up it’s over a $1500 discount per person.

La Pinta is another luxury yacht.  Larger than the Alta carrying 48 passengers in all outside cabins with huge picture windows and numerous unique features including a glass bottom boat. La Pinta was specifically designed to cruise the Galapagos.  La Pinta and her sister ships the Isabella II and Santa Cruz are several discounts to for this spring including 20% off the cruise prices for March, April and May, and an extra savings for single travelers you can get your own cabin at no extra charge.  These specials add up it’s over a $900 savings for shared cabins and for single travelers you’ll save over $2300!

For many a cruise of the Galapagos Islands would not be complete without putting the sails up and moving quietly through the waters as the winds guide you along your way.   The best sailing yachts in Galapagos also featuring special Spring savings for select departures from March to June.  The Mary Anne, Sagitta and Beagle are offering a number of different cruises ranging in price from $2600 to $3200 per person which works out to a savings of up to $700 per person.

If you are looking to save big the Tip Top III had a last-minute cancellation on their March 26th departure.  The Tip Top III is a great first class yacht offering consistently good service.  You can join this cruise for just $1764  a $951 savings or a 35% discount – and a great value.

No matter when you travel this year the Journey fleet has extended their early booking discount promotion to all departures for 2010 booked before March 31st.  Both the Journey I and Journey III offer 4 day, 5 day and 8 day Galapagos cruises.  You can save up to $990 per person for an 8 day cruise in a suite on board the Journey I.

For more information on these or other Galapagos promotions see our   Galapagos Cruise Specials or learn more about  Galapagos Cruises

All of these discounts apply to new bookings only.

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