Isla Isabela : Concha de Perla and Tintorares

June 11, 2010 § 2 Comments



At the northern end of the main road in Puerto Villamil about ¾ mile from the middle of town is the main dock.  Completely rebuilt to accommodate the many fishing and speed boats that visit the island in 2008 – the dock is modern and provides easy access to the speed boats that take the majority of visitors to the island.

Just before you reach the dock is another wooden pathway leading to an area called Concha de Perla.  A short walk through the mangroves takes you to a shallow bay perfect for swimming and snorkeling.  Snorkeling through the bay it’s common to see schools of fish, playful sea lions and the occasional Galapagos Penguin.  Coming here on a hot day is the perfect way to cool off.

Snorkeling with Sea Lions

Snorkeling with Sea Lions

Not far from Concha de Perla is a small islote.  One of the local water taxi’s or speedboats can take you over for the visit.  The lava like island has an other worldly appearance almost like being on the moon with the stark black and grey walk much of which is devoid of any plant life.  Tintorares is home to both Panahoe (the ropey type of lava) and aa lava the lose, broken and sharp type of lava.  Making it important to watch your step not to get cut on the rocks.

As you walk down the pathway you start to notice that the lava seems to be winking at you, only to discover that the lava is covered with thousands of marine iguanas their black and grey skin melds perfectly with the lava providing them with near perfect camouflage.


Tintoares White Tipped Sharks

The pathway continues to an overlook where a crack in the lava has created a small pool where white-tip reef sharks come to nap.  The park has set up an overlook making it easy to gaze down at the sharks as they spend their days napping near the sandy bottom.  Near the end of the path is a sandy beach where sea lions come to nap.

Getting back on the boat to cross back to the dock a once around the island lets you see blue-footed boobies, nazca boobies, brown pelicans and Galapagos penguins all perched on the rocky edge.   Golden rays, manta rays, sea turtles and a variety of fish can often be seen swimming nearby.

Concha de Perla and Tintorares are great excursions if you are visiting Isabela.

Come back tomorrow for Wall of Tears – The Humidales and Los Tuneles


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