Galapagos Island Based Travel: San Cristobal

June 23, 2010 § Leave a comment

San Cristobal Beach

Sea Lions on the Beach in San Cristobal

Located to the far east of the Galapagos Islands is one of the oldest islands of the chain – San Cristobal.  On the western edge you’ll find the town and the provincial capital, Puerto Baquerizo Moreno.  Puerto Baquerizo is the surfing capital of Galapagos with some great surf sites located just minutes away.

San Cristobal is somewhat unique in though it is the only island where you can stay in the Galapagos that has an airport with service from the continent, making San Cristobal a convenient destination.  There are several beaches in town which are a favorite destination both of the local people and the many sea lions that live here.

There are a number of great excursions including the giant tortoise preserve, frigatebird hill, the Charles Darwin Interpretation Center and La Loberia.  In the highlands of San Cristobal you’ll find El Junco Lagoon one of the only permanent fresh water lakes in Galapagos.  San Cristobal has excellent sites for snorkeling, kayaking and diving.

San Cristobal is home to a variety of wildlife including all three types of boobies – red footed, blue footed and Nazca boobies, both types of frigatebirds Magnificent and Great, San Cristobal Tortoises and the endemic Chatham Mockingbird to name a few.

Many of the Galapagos Cruises either begin or end in San Cristobal making it an ideal destination to add a couple of extra days either before or after your cruise to enjoy the Galapagos.

Over the next few days we’ll discover what to see and do on San Cristobal.


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