Galapagos National Park Announces New Regulations

November 19, 2010 § Leave a comment

Galapagos Naturalist and Dive Guide Antonio Moreano visiting North Seymour Island with Prince Charles and Camilla

The Galapagos National Park held a meeting this week o establish new rules for tourism.  One of the biggest changes was that regarding guiding.  In the past there was a shortage of guides in the islands.  However with new courses offered every year there are now hundreds of licensed level I, II and III guides.

Though the law has always stated level I guides could only guide a maximum of 10 visitors and level II and III guides could guide a maximum of 16 visitors at one time, during the shortage of guides the park allowed 16 visitors per guide.  This week the park announced it would be inforcing the law the way it was written.  This is good news for travelers and a positive step by the national park.   The smaller 16 passenger Galapagos Cruises will now have two guides on board to escort the guests during their journey.  The Galapagos Cruise Ships too will have more guides on board all of this means more personalized service for each guest and translates to a better overall experience. 

Other changes at the meeting included the release of more day tour, and dive permits to allow great Galapagos Dive options.  Limits on day tours to Floreana and Isabela, inforcement of non-licensed dive agencies providing dive tours departing from Santa Cruz.


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