The Galapagos Goes Wireless

January 19, 2011 § Leave a comment

You can now send mail in Floreana via the Post Barrell or Via the New Wi-Fi Service

It’s now possible to send mail in Floreana both via the post barrel and via the new Wi-Fi Service.

From RTU News

As a milestone for the Galapagos Islands has been considered the fact that the Ministry of Telecommunication and Information Society, Mintel, put in execution his plan of wireless connectivity or Wi-Fi in the middle pier of San Cristobal, Santa CruzIsabela and Floreana, which has been well received not only by the residents but thousands of tourists who have expressed their satisfaction, because, now, with a laptop computer can send or receive emails, find information, chat, in short everything that means surfing the Internet superhighway.

From this Thursday (January 13, 2011) may be seen to have shrunk and inaugurated a bridge that unites our world heritage, ie, the Galapagos, with all the mainland, since not only is providing wireless Internet but are also thousands of students have this easily available technology. In addition it has finalized a comprehensive plan that goes from the delivery of computers, projectors, printers, etc.

The Minister of Telecommunication and Information Society, Jaime Guerrero Ruiz, said that “while this is an important step towards the  intellectual development of students and citizens in general, is also remuneration from the Government of the Citizen Revolution who despite being generators of national wealth and living in one of the tourist jewels of Ecuador had never before been seen in their needs, not only basic but also in technology. We want to make clear that the Good Life is not for a particular site of the country, but for everyone, especially the most vulnerable and forgotten, “he said.


In the Galapagos Islands, has lived almost a party atmosphere and expectation, as it is the first time that all the piers of the islands have free Internet access, which is considered the beginning of a new era in insular life, as in the walls, on benches, sidewalks, etc.. you can watch tourists and locals surfing the information superhighway. No longer be connected in a closed but may maintain such direct contact with nature, look at all the beauty offered by the ocean, watching the flight of the frigates, finches, pelicans or sand bath seals are given …

On Thursday, Mr. Javier Muñoz, Assistant Secretary for Information Technology and Communication, on behalf of Mintel, participated in several events organized in conjunction with the main authorities of the Galapagos, to facilitate access to ICTs, by implementing a telecommunications network.

The main event was held in Santa Cruz, in fiscal School Joint “Galo Plaza Lasso”, later made a visit to the National School “Miguel Angel Casares’ and National College” Galapagos “and finally at 16:30 the system was inaugurated WI -FI wireless on the Malecon in Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, San Cristobal. On Friday, first thing you will visit the School Fiscomisional “Pedro Pablo Andrade”, which also delivered equipment and connectivity.


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