Tungurahua – Largest Erruption in 10 years

April 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

Tungurahua Volcano is one of the most active in Ecuador.  Though the last report from the Instituto Geofisico in Ecuador from January 2011 reported “activity at Tungurahua continued to decrease and ash was absent from plumes.”  The volcano began erupting last night prompting evacuations of close towns and villages including Cusúa (80 families), Bilbao (30 families and 100 non-permanent residents) and in Chacabuco (30 families), also confirming the closure of local schools.

The Institute of Geophysics at Ecuador’s Polytechnic School, which controls the volcano’s activity, recorded increased activity from April 20, with ash and pyroclastic material blasting from the cone.

According to their most recent report, six moderate to great explosions were recorded, creating the ejection of ash, provoking the giant cloud which reached “up to eight kilometers in height above the crater.”

The volcanic activity is expected to last several days and the area has been placed on yellow alert.  Some flights in and out of Quito have also been effected by the eruption, with numerous delays at the airport.  Tungurahua’s last eruption was in November 2010.

Tungurahua is located in the Central Andes of Ecuador in, near the city of Banos.  This region of the Andes is known as the Avenue of the Volcanoes named by Alexander Humboldt for the many volcanoes in the area.


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