Blue Footed Boobies – Fact 1

June 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

Happy Blue Footed Booby Day!

The name booby comes from the Spanish word bobo for stupid.  Blue Footed Boobies are not stupid they are amazing creatures and excellent at fishing.  Blue footed boobies can be seen searching for seafood.  They often fish in a group.  Overtime the blue footed booby evolved so that they are able to fold their long wings back and create a streamline body to plunge into the water looking much like an arrow when they do.  While traveling through the Galapagos Islands it is common to see Boobies targeting a school of anchovies or other small fish from as high as 80 feet in the air.

If you are in the UK to donote to the Galapagos Conservation Trust Blue Footed Booby Day – It’s as simple as sending a text, just send ‘BFBD11 £2‘ (or any amount up to £10) to 70070.


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