Galapagos Park Officials seek to Stop Hotel Construction

August 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

Photo of construction in August 2011

In May, Galapagos residents headed to social media to stop the construction of a hotel being built in the Punta Estrada area. The owners claimed who was building the large complex claimed it was a home to be used by he and his friends. Yet the architectual design was of independant rooms of equal size and a central pool – a design and size that is clearly more hotel than vacation home. The social action raised awareness of the building and the violation of the permits and the building permits were resinded by court order. However this did not seem to stop the owner from his desire to complete the hotel.

Photo of construction in May 2011Last week, officials from the Galapagos National Park Service found that the construction resumed, even violating the security seals placed on the door access to the property. This event is a repeat offender, Galapagos National Park authorities along with members of the National Police rushed to the scene to verify these illegal acts (violation of seals and resumption of work) so we proceeded to the removal of workers, the complaint was made corresponding to the prosecutor of the Galapagos, and turned to close the site with security seals.

Punta Estrada is located on the island of Santa Cruz.  It is considered part of Puerto Ayora and is accessible only by boat.  The land surrounding Punta Estrada is part of the Galapagos National Park.  The property is overlooks a series of lagoons that provides habitat for sea birds.


 The Galapagos National Park Service, Edwin Naula, accompanied by legal advisers of the institution and a group of law enforcement officials, approached the construction site to make sure you abide by the provision the judge, who suspended the work. In this action, it was observed that there were people who continued with the construction, so we proceeded to the apprehension of them. The detainees were taken to the Police to be under orders of the competent authority.


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