Boat Catches on Fire in Galapagos and Sinks

August 29, 2011 § 2 Comments

The boat ‘Misamiras’ sank after suffering an outbreak of fire at 14:30 yesterday, when he was in the channel Itabaca sector on the island of Baltra, Galapagos province.

Staff of the Port Authority of Seymour and the boat Coast Guard Auxiliary Espanola Island unsuccessfully tried to the boat registration TN-01-00941.

Staff was in the area moved to the canal and proceeded to the fire that was allegedly caused by an explosion, said the captain of the boat.

The rescue was under the command of Captain of the Port of Seymour, Edwin Aguilar, who moved in the boat Albatross this regional authority, as outlined Radio Sucre.

Aguilar said that after an hour of fighting the fire in the boat, the aft part of the income was destroyed by the water and was sinking, where there were no casualties.

Misamiras Prior to Accident

The boat belongs to the owner Crecertur, and when the fire had on board 400 gallons of fuel, so the maritime authority proceeded to cordon off the area with absorbent material to prevent fuel spillage and pollution of this area.

According to the Maritime Police Code shall be appointed an expert to research appropriate.

The Misamiras operated Island Hopping trips within the Galapagos Islands.  These trips visit only the inhabited islands of the Galapagos and travel between towns with a permit granted by the Port Captain.  The Misamiras did not have permits with the Galapagos National Park for offering cruises within the Galapagos National Park.


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