Ecuador to Host Prehistoric Peoples Symposium

October 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

From Gentle Bien

Organizers announced today The first international symposium ‘first settlement prehispanic States of America “will be held in Ecuador from 26 to 28 October with the participation of experts from seven countries.

The president of the cultural organization Ciudad Alfaro, Tatiana Hidrovo, said in press statements that participate in the conclave archaeologists from Argentina, Ecuador, United States, England, Mexico, Russia and Venezuela, who “socialize the latest research on indigenous peoples the continent”.

The meeting be held at the archaeological site of your organization, located in Manta, 350 miles southwest of Quito.

At the conference, archaelogists will discuss the processes that affected the initial peopleof the Americas and the subsequent emergence of states, before the Spanish arrived.

In particular, the exhibitors will be reflections of the phenomenon seen from the perspective of current that may have come from Asia and the Pacific coast.

They also focus the political tradition of the Maya and the spatial distribution of settlements, seen from the ethnohistory and formations ‘pre-state’ and the mode of production in Venezuela Hispanic.

In addition, the settlement of South America, from the perspective of Central America and the southern coast of South America and the people who lived in coastal Ecuador in the modern day province of Manabi and their migration to what is now Ecuador’s capital, Quito.

The event is organized by City Alfaro, cultural organization that works in the place where it ran the National Constituent Assembly (2007-2008) and the University Laica Eloy Alfaro of Manabi.

Ecuador, announced it will present results of archaeological work site and Jaboncillo Leaf Hills (Manabi), where there are remnants of the complex state system developed Cancebí maintain society.


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