UNESCO To Inspect Machu Picchu

October 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

This year was the 100th anniversary of Hiram Bingham’s arrival at Machu Picchu reintroducing this archaeological site to the world.  At the peak of summer with thousands of people arriving each day officials began turning away visitors for the first time.

Peruvian officials determined that 2000 people per day could visit the site without causing damage to the citadel or interfering with the quality of experience visitors experienced.

Susan Baca, the Ministry of Culture announced on Monday that a UNESCO delegation would be arriving in January to assess the situation and confirm that Machu Picchu is safe at the current level of tourism.

There are currently 11 UNESCO World Heritage sites in Peru including Chan Chan, Chavin, the City of Cusco, Historic Center of Lima, Historic Center of Arequipa, the Nazca Lines, the Sacred City of Caral – Supe, Huascaran National Park, Manu National Park, Machu Picchu and Rio Abieso National Park.


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