Galapagos Online Tours and Cruises has been organizing tours and cruises in the Galapagos Islands for over 12 years.  Our staff of local experts have all lived and worked both in Ecuador and the islands and are happy to share their love of this incredible area with you.

We have two websites offering a variety of information on the Galapagos, Ecuador and Peru.  Galapagosonline provides information on tours, cruises as well as a being a travel guide to the Galapagos Islands and Ecuador.

Galapagosdive specializes in diving with information on live aboard cruises, island based dive trips as well as a complete dive guide to the Galapagos Islands.

Our blog is a companion piece to both sites providing informative articles and information regarding the Galapagos, Ecuador and the region…we hope you enjoy!

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    • Living Galapagos Trailers Released April 12, 2012
      Living Galapagos the project from the journalism school at UNC Chapel Hill has released a number of trailers from their work in the Galapagos Islands. The films feature a number of different subjects and do a remarkable job telling the story of the people who make the Galapagos their home.
    • SAERO airline to being Galapagos Inter-Island flights April 11, 2012
      Ecuadorian Airline SAERO S.A. has announced they are to begin inter-islands service within the Galapagos Islands. There are currently three airports in the Galapagos the largest on the island of Baltra, one on the island of San Cristobal and a third which is exclusively used for inter-island flights on the island of Isabela. Travel between these islands is c […]
    • LAN announces new destinations with the Visit South America Pass April 10, 2012
      LAN has released a new destination within the South American Airpass program: Colombia. Passengers may, through LAN.com, select a flight of entry into the continent, to design an itinerary of at least three destinations in the region and take advantage of rates of the company, and now has chosen Colombia between their countries.
    • Ecuador’s Indigenous Protest Mining in the Amazon Rainforest March 23, 2012
      Protests in Ecuador yesterday shut down the capital city of Quito while indigenous protested the governments signing of new mining contracts. The Amazon Rain forest is one of the most bio-diverse areas in the world. As the largest tract of tropical rainforest in the Americas, one in 10 species in the world can be found within the Amazon Basin.
    • Could Advil Ease Hikers’ Altitude Ills? March 20, 2012
      By Dr. JESSICA ROSE, ABC News Medical Unit: Larry Stack, 51, knew something was wrong as he ascended a mountain on a recent climbing trip to Quito, Ecuador. “I had had shortness of breath on trips before, but this was different,” said Stack, who is a physician. “I developed a headache, and felt like I […]
    • Tour a Panama Hat Factory in Sigsig Ecuador March 20, 2012
      First popularized by President Theadore Roosevelt and worn by countless travelers ever since, the Panama hat has become a symbol of coastal and tropical locales. Nothing screams I'm on vacation somewhere warm! quite like the straw hat, which is known for being breathable and able to return to its original shape after being folded in a suitcase. But what […]
    • $1000 off Humboldt Explorer April 23 – 30 March 13, 2012
      Galapagos Diving aboard the Humboldt Explorer April 23 – 30 for $1000 off!  Dive with hammerheads, Galapagos sharks, sea turtles, giant mantas and more at some of the best dive sites in the world including Wolf and Darwin. The Humboldt Explorer is the first in a new generation of dive boats in Galapagos. Spacious and […]
    • Galapagos Living March 13, 2012
      “Living Galapagos: The impact of man in the Galapagos Islands” is a student-authored multimedia website intended to become the primary source for Galapagos multimedia, containing a mix of science and human interest content and presented to multiple audiences worldwide for education, awareness and entertainment.
    • Twelve percent of marine species in tropical eastern Pacific threatened Twelve percent of marine species in tropical eastern Pacific threatened February 24, 2012
      Twelve percent of marine species surveyed in the Gulf of California, the coasts of Panama and Costa Rica and the five offshore oceanic islands and archipelagos in the tropical eastern Pacific are threatened with extinction, according to a study by IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) and its partners. Main threats to the region’s marine flor […]
    • Last Minute Dive Discount on the Deep Blue to Wolf and Darwin February 16, 2012
      Great last minute dive special on the Deep Blue March 19 - 26, 2012 on $2999 per person - $1000 off the low season rate
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